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A Gourmet’s View of Książ. The Lost World of Książ Castle through the Lens of Louis Hardouin Chef of the von Hochberg Court
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Louis Hardouin (1877-1954) was an accomplished chef who practised his art not only in leading restaurants, but also in manor homes throughout Europe. Educated in France, he gained his rich professional experience in London, in particular. From 1909 to 1926 he was in charge of the kitchen of the Hochberg family in Książ Castle, and likely employed by Hans Heinrich XV until 1932. Książ owes its unique collection of photographs, miraculously saved in the family collection, to the Frenchman’s great passion for photography. The collection includes numerous glass stereoscopic positives, which create the illusion of a three-dimensional view. There are images where the massive Castle is proudly ensconced in its verdant surroundings, and pictures of the Castle’s aristocratic owners and their staff . Hardouin’s camera captured Ksiaż’s landscapes in every season of the year, the flora and fauna of the area, and photographed the Waldenburg (Wałbrzych) and Pless (Pszczyna) regions, as well as the many places that he visited during his travels around Europe. As a loving husband and father, he presented tender images of his wife and sons. He also was glad to take pictures of the Hochbergs’ children, who happily spent their time with the Hardouins; and to document manor life with portraits of nannies, butlers, cooks, guards, foresters, teachers, stable grooms, coachmen, outriders, gardeners, security offi cers, farmers and managers...
Thanks to this testimony it is easier to understand the organic complexity of the great castle during the time of the last Hochbergs.